Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Crown Time

My kids will soon figure out that I will buy them any craft item whenever they ask. As long as it is a craft item or something to use in order to make another object.

So, when Big Boy said he wanted to make a crown, I was all over it. I had first planned on reusing items in the house, but knew I didn't have any 'crown' base, and since I needed some of that, I might as well let him pick out some sparkles and pom poms and pipe cleaners. I did have to say no again for the fifth time to the foam hand stating: "Number #1"

I am a kid crafter at heart. Pipe cleaners remind me of summer youth programs at the town parks. One year I volunteered over 300 hours in a summer alone. I didn't know there were that many hours in a summer! Anyway, I became a master boondoggler. Any one remember boondoggle? The plastic linguine used to knot and weave boondoggled keychains. I don't think they really worked for anything else...

Back to present. BB, and eventually Little Man, made some pretty cool crowns.

You should see the jeweled ring I now own. Pretty fancy.

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