Monday, February 11, 2008

Cars, Ramblings and The Hep

-We are a house of cars. Little cars, big cars, metal cars, plastic cars, rubber cars. You name it, we have it. Some of them I really dig. Like this one. But all those cars, times two little boys, leaves many cars on the floor. I have learned to step over them and haven't stepped on one in a while, however, when cars are on the kitchen floor they get kicked. The sound for me, compares to screeching chalk on a chalkboard. I really don't know how to share the sound with you. I guess you will just have to imagine or not.
-Writing a blog is odd. Here I am sitting at the computer and just letting the words come out. I really have no idea who my readers are, if any. I am not sure if I should be writing like a diary or a letter to friends. And when I miss multiple days, I feel a little guilty. Odd.

-Oh, The Hep. A produce worker at our grocery store was diagnosed with Hepatitis A. Our pediatrician is out of the vaccine and the line at the free clinic averages 3 hours. Am I a bad mom to risk this one, since there is only a chance that worker touched my banana peel and when I peeled it for my kids I touched the banana in the same place where that worker touched the peel, then touched the banana itself with the hand in the exact place where the workers germs were???

-It has been a really busy week at work, finally finishing reports that should have gone out on the 5th, not much I could do to make it faster. I spent all day today, reconciling a list of 70 some locations and their square footage and square meters and headcounts. Ugh. That is enough to make anyone want cupcakes. Unfortunately, I ate them all. Well, all but five or so.

-We had a fun time at little Sammy's first birthday party. The birthday girl was charming and the fellowship was enjoyable (that is my church-girl comments coming through). Oh, and super cool gift bags for the boys - Webkinz. Sam was in heaven. He felt so much better after watching Sammy open all the presents with SAM or SAMMY or SAMANTHA written on them and wondering when he would get to open one. We (I) love Webkinz. It gives me that shopping feel, without spending real money.
Here is the little bag I made for Sammy:

I need to work on my photographing skills when it comes to bags.

Well, Chelsea Lately is on - hysterical - everyone should watch on E! at 11:30 pm EST

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