Friday, February 1, 2008

The Fall of Procrasti Nation

I Finished.
A full day and a half prior to the giving of this gift.
Could this possibly be the start of a new "Me"? This may seem odd, but there is a thrill to leaving project completions to the bitter end.
Photographing bags, specifically shiny black ones, isn't the easiest subject.
What I have learned:
1. Interfacing doesn't really like pleather.
2. Vinyl doesn't like to be machine sewn. And hand sewing isn't all that fun.
3. Zippers are hard.
4. Go basic. Figure out the basics, then step back and start the creative juices.
5. Zippers stink.
Aside from a couple sidelined steps, I think it came out pretty good. There is also a changing pad! I hope to get the expression captured on film once the flap is lifted and the lining is revealed.
Congratulations to Marie, Tanya, Deana, Julie and new Mom of two, Gena. We love babies!

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