Saturday, February 16, 2008

Another Bag?

I love bags.

Many women love shoes. Shoes are nice, but I really only wear sneakers, flip flops and simple black shoes. That is all I need. But bags, I can never have enough bags. And bags are cheaper than shoes and a lot easier to make. Back when Tom and I were 'a courtin', I made him some suede high leg moccasins. It was a fun project, but not a very practical shoe.

The pleather diaper bag I made last month was made with a pattern. The pattern shape for the base of the bag is the simplest idea, yet works great, even if you don't really like to measure, or follow directions (like me). I have a real problem with following recipes, crochet patterns, sewing patterns, really any type of direction - except for electronics, you shouldn't mess with that stuff. I don't know why I alter, omit or edit. Maybe to be just a little different and feel like I have a bit of control.

The first year Sam was in Pre-K, I saw all the other kids give teacher gifts. On Valentines Day! In fact, every holiday, it seemed that other kids (moms) were sending in something for the teacher. So, we found some simple glass votive holder with pretty embossing at Michael's and decided that would be better appreciated than the silk rose or the wooden heart wall hanging. I forgot to buy little bags to put them in, so thought about the pile of felt I had.

The basic bag pattern for this is two slices of felt, folded in half (4X8 ish). On both bottom corners, I cut out squares, approximately the size of one blue four button Lego. Sewing the bottom and sides, leaving the cut out Lego space unsewn. Then open up the Lego space and match the two seams in the middle, this will form an angular shape to the bottom of the bag. Do this on the other Lego space and your bag shape is formed. Since I used felt, and wanted the sewn edges to show, I just trimmed the hems to be consistant with each other. I slipped a piece of ribbon in between the two layers of felt and stitched.

It didn't take too long, unless you ask Tom.

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