Thursday, May 31, 2012

149/366: It Has Come to This

I have had it. 

This Catch 22 has been consuming my patience of late.

I LOVE that my boys have neighborhood friends that spend time here, or come over to get them to play.  I really do love it.  I recall all the nights and after school talks with Big Boy and how he didn't seem to have those close friends that I had growing up.  The lack of friends and connections with others was heartbreaking.

I LOVE that all the kids enjoy being here.

What I don't care for is this:
1.  Bring your manners with you.  Please and Thank You are so important and would make me so much happier and less irritated with your presence. 
2.  If you are hungry, ask me.  Don't help yourself to snacks in the pantry and don't eat in the family room.  You may eat what I provide at the kitchen table.
3.  Don't ring the doorbell when we are eating.  Granted, we eat at all different times of the evening, so it may be hard to know, BUT if I send you home at 6:26 so we can eat, ringing the bell at 6:38 is not acceptable.  And sorry to the other boy that got the brunt of my frustration when I answered his ringy dingy at 6:42.

The sign goes up tonight.

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pams said...

Oh No don't do it! I would always tell them to sit down and eat with us. Sometimes the table got very crowded with all the chairs. These kids grew up with fond memories of a door that never closed. HUG! HUG! HUG!