Wednesday, May 2, 2012

122/366: One Third

We are one third through this year 2012.  I have written 122 posts including this one.

It's a good time to look back and re-evaluate things.  Is this working?  Does anyone care?  Is it helping me?  Is it causing unwanted commitment?

1. Well, working, not so much.  I haven't gotten any new readers, but have kept my consistent 12 readers per day.  I kind of like that.

2. Only 12 people care that I have a new post every day.  And me, I care.

3.  Is it helping me?  I like that I have used my camera consistently, I've learned new tricks on my camera that I may not have learned had I not done the Micro March. 

4.  Unwanted commitment, not really.  Admittedly, there are days that I have nothing to say.  But then days like today, that I was going to write about the grass in my garden beds that has been taunting me (luckily, you'll get to see that tomorrow..ha!), that the feel of my fingertips on this keyboard seems to flow through my fingers to my head and heart.  I could type forever.

Well, perhaps not forever, because that would be gibberish and I'd tell you about tulips and how we carried them at Lisa and Joe's wedding and they were yellow and our dresses were yellow and the ceremony was beautiful and tulips are nice.  See, not that interesting.

Tom and I had a conversation about our electronics usage, (mostly mine) and perhaps this blog is one way to decrease the usage.

But I can't.  I'll give up Scrabble and Hanging with Friends and Bubble Town before I give up this blog.

This is where I can sort my thoughts and practice my photography.  And where I can be me.

You may get short posts or posts with pictures only, but you will get a touch of me in everything.

So, two more thirds to go.  Stick with me?

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Anonymous said...

awwwwww. I remember the yellow tulips and the ceremony. I will keep reading and promise to post more comments. Keep going.... it's all good stuff.