Tuesday, May 15, 2012

134/366: Pharmacy Party Part 1

Today, I'm going to show you the invitations I made for Tom's party.

I am very proud of these...
I made 10 sheet prescription pads.  Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, I know that Tom will NOT be writing scripts, but he will look at a whole bunch of them on a daily basis.

I worked this up in Microsoft Publisher.  It was fairly easy, once I figured out the layout.  I'm a font geek.  I love a good font.  Every document deserves a special font.  Despite my general two font type rule, I broke that and used three different fonts.  The header with his name was Edwardian Script ITC; the general type font for specifics (date, time, place, RSVP) was Courier New; and the loose font in the center to represent the handwritten notes, was Maxine Script.  The Rx was free clip art.

Since I was going to have multiple pages to make a pad, I couldn't just have blank pages, right?  Right.  So, I researched health facts, trivia and useless info to use for the additional pages.  I had 20 different pages and mixed them up for each pad of 10 pages.

When I printed these, each page had four sheets and I had them cut at Kinko's.  It saved me a ton of time and most of the sheets were uniform in size.  Kinko's charges by the cut, I had 3 cuts and it cost me under $5.00...so, totally worth it.  I picked a heavier stock paper for the back page for stiffness.  Kinko's also used a heavy stock cardboard to ensure all the cuts were crisp, and included those pieces in my order.  I placed a thick piece on top and bottom sheets of the pad, approximately 1/4 inch from top and clamped them with chip clips.  They worked the best, really!

The final step, was a bit laborious, but Tom and I sat at the table and watched Miracle on Ice while I glued some pads up.  Dropping a bead of the glue on the top, then running my finger along the top and bottom pages helped smooth it out and remove some of the excess globs.

I made sure these weren't too heavy for a regular first class stamp, and sent them off! 

Tomorrow, I'll show you the favors I made with my sister in law and Scott from Etsy.


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