Sunday, May 6, 2012

126/366: 3rd Generation Picker

This morning, at 6:20, I was waking up the Big Boy to join me in my favorite summer pastime with my Dad. Flea Market: speed style.

The first Sunday of each month, the flea market features Garage Sale tables. Dad works Sundays at 10:00 am, so we arrive early and don't dilly dally. We spend less time at a dealers table than we would a person just selling personal items.

After Big Boy finally woke up and came downstairs, he sat for a bit, then "I think I am going back to bed. I'll go another time."

I was saddened, until not a minute late, "Okay, I want to go."

We reminded each other of what we were looking for and walked. For my Dad: decoys, bottle stoppers with hand carved moving people on them, granite ware, Indian stuff and old guns. For me: something medicinal for inspiration in preparation for Tom's Graduation. And for Big Boy: metal- anything metal, nothing plastic.

BB was getting bored, until we spied a box of old nuts and bolts and screws and hinges. He asked the seller how much for a couple pieces, 25 cents. BB broke the ice! And he was ready for the next table.

It was a great morning, we had fun and we were all successful. Dad found two decoys at $5 each (unheard of), a shorebird to use in a still life for his students and a bottle stopper. I purchased an old wooden mortar and pestle.

As for Big Boy, he got three bolts (one of which is "golden"), four washers, two keys, three door pulls, one token and one small rusty C clamp.

It was a great day, Big Boy is our good luck charm and he better beware, I'll be dragging him out of bed next month.

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