Wednesday, May 16, 2012

135/366: Pharmacy Party Part 2

The favors.

I know I didn't NEED favors, but who doesn't love a cute little favor?

Three years ago, yes, three years ago, I found PorkChopShow on Etsy.  I wanted these.  We needed these to be part of the celebration. 

Easy, simple, cute. 

WAIT!  I can't do easy.  I can't do simple.  So I kindly asked Scott at PorkChopShow if I could Photoshop the file with personalization.  Of course, he said, and I went about my business.

I will say, I am not well versed in Photoshop.  I am more of a Picasa and Microsoft Publisher and Paint girl.  My first attempt, took me four hours to get one bottle personalized to where it looked good.  So, a quick email to my very talented sister-in-law and she did two bottles in a matter of minutes (or so it seemed to me).  I did my best, mostly in Picasa to finish up the other 12 bottles.  They weren't perfect, but it was fun.

Scott got these to me in a matter of 3 days!  They looked so cool.  With the help of my girlfriend, we glued magnets to the back and we had cute favors.

The week before the party, my dad and I (and Big Boy) went to the flea market and scored the old mortar and pestles that housed the bottles.


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Anonymous said...

SOOOOO CUTE... and cool. Wish I could have seen the whole shindig... kudos to you for finding the coolest stuff. What a wonderful support you are :) Rhona