Thursday, April 12, 2012

102/366: Thinking about...

: : how nice and quiet it is in my house today

: : a new design for the Crochet Along since the original layout isn't making me overjoyed and realizing that I am not a pattern follower, nor recipe follower.

: : a soon to change life where my day won't be spent entirely at this computer

: : the spring air and how it's about to make my nose and eyes and ears revolt, but not quite yet

: : how much I love my husband and kids

: : a hot cup of coffee

: : the movie I saw last night and how the boy reminded me so much of my Big Boy and how that scared me to tears

: : a date night? perhaps?

: : how I write here hoping others enjoy what I write, knowing that only a handful will ever see this, but understanding that I am writing for myself, my journal of life.

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