Wednesday, April 11, 2012

101/366: Weeds That Used to be Plants

One day, several years ago, I spotted this "plant" at a garden center.  With no name or tags on it, I bought it.  It was pretty.  Look at that red stripe on that bright green leaf.  Such pretty color.

Except, that it spreads.  I'm not a fan of a spreading plant.  That is when they stop being a plant and become a weed.  At least Lamb's ear spreads from the center, this sends shoots underground and they show up everywhere.  Like Jacob's Ladder.  Not a fan.  Just spotted another remnant in the walkway, 20 feet from the initial planting.

This is now gone, for the time being.  I'm sure I'll be digging it up for years to come.  I did stick one in a pot and placed it in the pond, wonder if it will live.

It was nice to get into the garden this weekend.  I planted potatoes and opened up the pond. The fish were busy, we have a baby!

Speaking of babies, the Tiny Zoo was able to keep the baby penguin healthy till we could place him with his parents this morning...if you were wondering.

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