Saturday, April 7, 2012

97/366: Fish Tacos...Gluten Free Style

I've always wanted to try fish tacos.  Originally, it sounded weird.

But not so.

When I posted on Facebook that I made these last night, a funny comment popped right up, "Yea- you gotta watch out for those gluten-guppies."

True, the fish is naturally gluten free, but not the wrapper.

And most often, not the breading.  I find it hard during Lent to not get the fish fry I hear folks discussing.  This was the perfect replacement.  And better, from what I remember.

I coated the fish in some egg, then cornstarch with Forward! spice from Penzey's and some pepper.  And cooked them in a bit of canola oil.  My tomatoes were mixed with a red onion and some lime juice.  The avocado I purchased was just not ripe, so I had to skip that.

Tom mixed up some Miracle Whip and hot sauce.  Toss in some crisp lettuce and it was great.  We used hard corn shells, which were too strong of a flavor in comparison to the fresh and light tomatoes.  Don't get me wrong, I did eat plenty of tacos, but ended the meal with a fish taco salad.


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Anonymous said...

HEHEHE.... well aware the fish weren't what you were referring to... But I will say this- if you subbed tofu for the fist this sounds amazing. Nice work and gorgeous images :) I bet they were delicious, next time add a little cilantro for that freshness and color :)