Monday, April 16, 2012

106/366: Cukes

Last year, I vowed to only buy vegetable plants and stick them right in the garden.  The seeds I planted last spring only yielded half of what was planted.  I used the pellet pots in the tray.   So, plants it is.

Until all the seeds started showing up in the stores and the emails came from all the cool seed catalogs on-line.  I can't fight it.  I also like the ability to purchase different types of beans and peas and tomatoes, not just the top selling hothouse and cherry tomatoes that are available at the garden center.

So, black cherry tomatoes and pickling cucumbers and Nepal tomatoes and Russian Fingerling Potatoes. 

Every time I look at these pots, something more has sprouted.  I've used a larger peat pot and fresh potting soil and have already seen a greater yield.  The potatoes are outside in fabric pots and we have some peas directly sown outdoors, with green bursting out.

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