Sunday, April 1, 2012

92/366: Legos

This rainy/snowy/slushy morning, I'm catching up on some work while the boys play with the miracle toy.

I struggle to find another toy that has held my boys' imaginations as long as this one.  Little Man never really played with the Duplo sized blocks, he went straight for the smaller legos, just like Big Boy.  They travel with these, they dream of these and they make up their own creations.  We have even written to Lego asking that they add certain games to their Lego dot com website where the boys can spend hours exploring.

Little Man plans on going to Lego Land for summer vacation.  Ummm, I might need to get creative on this one!  And he also invited the neighbor boy to join us.

Although these are extremely overpriced for the quantity you get in one box or kit, they last forever.  And hold enough imagination for years to come.

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