Saturday, July 5, 2008

July the Fourth - 2008

We had a very low key fourth this year, as is becoming our trend. Tom was busy scraping, priming and painting our front window in the blazing sun. I was corralling the kids - best I could, all the while wondering why we aren't swimming or picnicking or playing. We did get to the town pool before it closed, which is a great time to go. You get excellent parking as folks are leaving and you don't have to beg the kids to leave since the pool 'turns off'. Then we decided to brave the traffic and see the fireworks. We normally stay in the car, so it isn't so loud. But we found a parking lot where we could set up our blanket right near our car, in the event 'someone' got scared. We were doing great, even Little Man after the second day of no napping. The show didn't start until ten o'clock and we were in our car at 10:06 (at the latest). We sat directly behind the trees that had a clear view of the display and some of the white noise fireworks made both kids uncomfortable. So we left. And found tons of people parked randomly in the parking lot, chairs out next to the car, watching. I don't think they were too pleased with us. But, in doing, we were able to see where the best places are to view. Our spot next year will be stellar.
Hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Fourth!
(oh, the headphones don't play music, they are sound protectors)

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