Thursday, July 24, 2008

Car Fabric

I may not have the daughter I thought I wanted to shop with and dress up and do girly things, but I have my O. This is one boy that appreciates fabric.

We went to JoAnn's and once we found this bolt, O had it on his lap and cried when the lady at the cutting table needed to make the one very fast cut. He loves JoAnn's. I think mostly because they have been doing major construction and the parking lot usually houses a couple excavators or dump trucks or diggers. Good times.

I bought this several months ago and just didn't know what to make it into it, and it became "car fabric". We would lay it on the carpet, and he would sit on it, getting mad every time it would bunch up when he twisted or stretched.

Knowing then that it was destined for a blanket, I finally did it. Using fusible batting, I stitched it together. Must say that I am not all that jazzed about the fusible batting, makes the blanket too stiff. Maybe washing will help.

So, as I was sewing in the basement (proper digs!) on my discount store table that shakes when I engage the presser foot, little O places his cheek at the side of the table and allows the vibrations to rattle that little, plump cheek. That boy surely makes me laugh.

Car fabric.

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