Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Clam Bucket and Other Ramblings

I forgot my camera. No pictures of the finished Clam Bucket. However, in a last minute decision, I added a fork roll. Pictured here with crayons, but used for the tiny little forks you use to retrieve those pesky little clams from their smooth home. The bucket turned out great and we were very proud of it. Gretchen did a great job assembling it and coming up with all the ideas.

Here is a nice story about the author of my number one favorite blog Simplemom with Amanda Soule. This was an interview of Amanda Soule. She is what I want to be, when I grow up, or retire. The Simple Mom site has some really great articles in it as well, check it out here-not just for mom's, either. Simplemom

Please check out my best bud's blogs, MK in Chicago (first post in a LONG time) and Lisa of GWhizstudio. They inspire me, truly.

I was buckling Sam into his car seat (I know he can do it on his own, but sometimes the act of securing him into a seat to be safe, fills my heart) when he said, "Mom, I am glad you are home. I like you."

I am glad to be home, too, Sam.

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