Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Little Man

Little Man has an affinity to cars and trucks and can name many makes and some models. Yesterday he wandered into our neighbors garage, where Mr. Jim was wiping down his brand new red Corvette. He had taken it out the previous day and was getting that spot out (imagine - Out damn spot, out.) that was on the windshield. Man, oh man, that is the cleanest garage I have EVER seen, I wanted to lay down on the floor and feel its cool, clean, cement floor(that is an odd image, isn't it?). Back to the story, along the wall are shelves with metal cars displayed (none with a speck of dust). LM believed it to be a store, picking out his car, then changing his mind, calling out names of cars, so cute. And Mr. Jim gave LM a metal racing Corvette. He wanted a different one instead, but agreed with the cool Corvette.
And our next bit of news...LM trumped Big Boy in the "I am two years old and I no longer wish to sleep or nap in my crib" decision by two days. Tom is out buying a mattress as I type.

To that little guy that always keeps us guessing and that makes other people nervous when he falls and that puts cars in lines with such precision and that wakes up happy and that boy that makes us laugh everyday. Happy Birthday, Little Man! I love you!

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