Friday, July 25, 2008

Callan Comfy

I really have been busy, but I just didn't get around to taking the pics. My second purchase on were these cool labels from Mommie Made It. Her family used to own a printing shop and now she makes labels and graphic designs. I love these, it takes the handmade blanket to the next level and makes it look and feel like a 'real' blanket.

This is flannel that I fell in love with. I thought it was a good mix of non-gender colors. I wish I knew what parts that little Callan baby had...still growing. We will find out mid-September.

I also received a commission to make 9 wash towels for a very sweet lady in Norway. An update: towels complete, paid for and boxed up. Off to ship them this morning. Norway? Wow.

Things are coming along nicely, I am feeling good. Perhaps it is the 12:30 am to 5:30 am straight sleep time I have gotten the past two nights - thanks, Little Man.

Busy day today and tomorrow, lots of work to do for 'work' and then tomorrow is shower day. I'll take one, then going to Callan baby shower in Rochester in the morning, coming home and co-hosting a bridal shower in the evening. I didn't get a picture of that gift, but Gretchen and I were pretty busy. We work well together, she pins, cuts, and snips, I envision and stitch. Hopefully, I'll remember to get a pic before it is 'opened'.

I was making cookies for the Saturday evening shower (turned out adorable) and Big Boy was sad that I was going to another adult shower. He was asking what they do at a shower and I said, "We give gifts to the people to help them fill their home, like pots and pans and towels and dishes."
BB said, "and soap?"


Have a great weekend everyone, I may pop in on Sunday - but if not, I'll be back late next week. I am going to Chicago to meet some coworkers, have my mid-year review and visit with my best pal, Meredith.

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Meredith said...

Cant wait to see you!