Tuesday, December 18, 2012

349/366: Gluten Free Baking

Tonight, I hosted the first annual Gluten Free Cookie Exchange.

It was fun. In another, I'll show you some pictures of our table.

But first, the prep.

Gluten free baking is tough. I have cried many times over cookies that didn't work. I distinctly remember one year, my third batch of cut out cookies (and third failure), throwing all the cookies in the trash along with the cookie sheet.

It's tough. The Christmas cookie without gluten is a whole other beast. They often require more flour, but how much? They require more chilling, but how long? They require Xanthan gum, or is it Guar Gum that is more effective?

And if that isn't enough to create a massive headache, spilling half of the largest jar of sprinkles all over the kitchen, is enough to grab a cocktail.

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