Monday, December 10, 2012

343/366: Token Christmas Picture

Tom and I decided to make the Christmas Tree hunt a family fun event.  We were all together, doing something fun.  Picking out and cutting down our very own tree.  We did this one other time with better results than yesterday, but still not favorable reactions from the boys.

This all started when I asked the boys to get their boots, protecting their new sneakers from mud.

Well, Big Boy's boots no longer fit.  Not surprisingly, either.  He was upset and wouldn't wear his old sneakers.  I didn't want to reward him for complaining, but I knew that he did need bigger and in my mind, new boots, new attitude.

All four of us clogged into Target to the boot section.  It was not good.  Big Boy is very picky, just like his mom.  There were only three styles to choose from.  One didn't have a size we needed.  The second were too big around the leg.  The third were too hard to put on.  Yup.  Good times.  Eventually, with assistance and reassurance that the boots will become easier to close, we found a pair of boots.  He walked to the register in them and into the car. 

Deep breath.  Kid is coming back.  He was still upset, but we were both trying to make it better.

I'm not sure if this is an ADHD thing, or just my boy's thing.  I'd like to blame it on ADHD, but it doesn't really fit that cookie cutter.  So, we talk, we reassure, we repeat and then repeat again.

Other than having fun and getting a tree, I really wanted to capture the Christmas card photo.  When we first arrived, Santa was there.  There was a cute bench-super easy and quick. 

And then, this happened:

Little Man found Santa to be "creepy".  I kind of don't blame him.  However, it kind of sucked.  Two seconds on the bench.  Nope.  He wouldn't have it.  He would, however, take a candy cane from Creepy Santa.  Little Man's not too creeped out for candy.

Moving on...
We looked.  We were chilly.  The boys were cold.  You'd think they were hiking through the tundra in minus 10 degrees with no boots on.

And then Big Boy got blisters from the new boots.  Good stuff, right?

We found a tree.  Notice I didn't say THE tree.  It was just a tree.  It's a perfectly nice tree, but after all the drama, we just picked one that was upright and not dead in the center.

While Tom cut it down, I attempted the Token Christmas Photo.

 "Big Boy, look up.  No, not you Little Man.  Look at me, not in the sky."

"You told me to look up, I'm looking up."

"Fine, we won't open our eyes."

Yup.  It was a bust.

Making family memories, one day at a time.

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