Friday, December 14, 2012

345/366: Today

I'm sitting with my elementary aged boys.

Holding them tightly.

Grateful they are in my life and praying quietly for all those families that have lost the loves of their lives today.

We need to help these young adults find a different path, not one splattered in innocent blood.

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Anonymous said...

I have watched with great distress the actuality of child abuse in American society. I have provided shoes, clothes, food, and time, only to be discouraged by the professionals in schools, children services and outpaitent counseling agencies. I have listened to stories first hand, seen the bruises, witnessed the neglect. The apathy I once had, now replaced by cynicism is what fuels my disdain for how we as a society are constantly taking for granted th value of human life, only to be reminded when a tragedy of epic proportions strikes a community.
As a person who has felt loss, this experience will not make them stronger or bring resolve. The lives of the victims' families ended the moment they were given notice of their loved one's passing. Never again will these people have the opportunity to be as happy as they would have been, if this tragedy never happened. This is truly their new normal and i can only offer my sincerest condolences.