Saturday, December 15, 2012

347/366: Ding Dong Ditch

I believe my boys may be 'ding dong ditch(ing)' the neighbor boy.  They say they aren't, but the neighbor boy is doing it right back to us.  Three times. I can see him run away...he isn't that svelte.

After the third time I asked him to come near so that I could kindly ask him to stop ringing my bell.

He denied it.  That's fine.

But he was hiding behind trees and being all commando.

As he walked away, I got a horrible pit in my stomach.

He was dressed in dark colors.  He carried a long wooden branch that had a built in handle. 

And in his shirt back...a plastic sword.

I've seen this boy in similar 'dress up' and it always bothered me. 

Today, it terrifies me.

A "toy gun" search today, on just the first page, show 90% of the results not looking like any toy I've seen. 

Maybe we could start here.

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