Sunday, November 13, 2011

BNL Bad Day

The Barenaked Ladies have a great Children's Album called Snacktime.  The songs are true to the BNL exciting, funny and up tempo style.  One song has caught my heart, Bad Day.

Now don't get all down thinking that I'm down in the dumps, I'm not, I just LOVE this song.  The BNL version is so much better - I just don't know how to get that on to a blog from a CD, new computer, rights and all.  So this will do, this guy does a fairly good job and if you google BNL Snacktime, you can hear some of the live clips from the BNL tour.

If you have a child on your Christmas List and need something different...this is GREAT!  Parents will even enjoy it, and by enjoy it, I mean not tear your eye balls out when the kids request 'children's music'.

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