Monday, November 21, 2011

Imagination and Creativity

We have new neighbors across the street.  The mom is from Japan and asked me the other day about some American customs and proper American etiquette.  Oxymoron?  American Etiquette. 

She was afraid she wasn't being a good mom and wanted some advice on the most important things to teach her kids.

I told her that if they use Please and Thank You, they will be all set.

On Friday, I was watching my kids out our front window setting up this mini obstacle course, like they have done before, and realized I need to add two more things to that list.

Imagination and Creativity.

Imagination to realize your dreams and set goals.

Creativity to not sit in a box and copy what others have done before you.  This doesn't mean you have to make clothes, or build shelving, or develop the newest software.  Just explore your mind.

This is my parenting advice for Monday morning.  Say Please and Thank you and be imaginative and creative.

And if you didn't ask for it (which you didn't) too bad.  And if you don't have kids, still use Please and Thank You.

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