Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chicago Fruit

I have been going through my old photos, editing, deleting, saving and came across this one.  It is from Sam and my visit to Chicago in August.  We had just completed our drive by of our home on Eddy Street near Pulaski and Addison.  Oh, how I love that neighborhood. 

Surprisingly, not much has changed since I last saw the neighborhood.  The house looks like it did when I saw it last, except that poor tree in our front yard.  Tom and I planted that tree.  We were so proud of that little tree.  I want to go help by just standing there with my hand supporting the 55 degree angled trunk.

I miss that old house.  From the Zodiac neon contact paper used as wall paper in the kitchen, to the checkerboard siding used in the foyer to the 23 layers of paint on the banister, I loved it all. 

This wallpaper was the best...

This was Sam's house...I remember these days so fondly...

Now I'm all nostalgic and the time, those days seemed so hard, but now, they seem so easy.

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