Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You are Valuable

This boy is funny.

This boy is smart.

This boy is sassy.

This boy is sweet.

This morning, he jumped in my bed, snuggled for a bit, then told me, "You are valuable".

Where does he come up with this stuff?  Does he have any idea how much I loved it?

We finally made it to the Lion King.  That was a long 4 month wait.  Well worth the wait, nonetheless.

O loved the show.  He was so excited.  Each time a new character came out he would ask what they are supposed to be (grass and leaves were a bit tricky for him to conceptualize at first) and at the change in each scene he would ask if the show was over.

It was great.  It was a nice day for me and my baby.

I think it is important to have one-on-one days.  In exchange for this day, Sam got a long weekend in Chicago (which I don't think I ever showed you...).

And remember, you too, are valuable.

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