Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reading Challenge

I may have created a monster.

My favorite parenting magazine Family Fun by Disney had a couple summer ideas.  One, was a mom that set up a chart for her family to read books.  Each book gets a check mark.  The family member with the most checks at the end of the summer gets to choose a family outing.

Sounds perfect, right?  I whipped up a chart and stuck it on the fridge.  I couldn't wait to tell the kids about it.

They were both excited.  Immediately, O ran upstairs and before I knew it, had put his first check box on the chart.

Then a second.

And a third.

This is where it got all messy.  O is reading short phonics books.  Sam, not so much.  Well, Sam figured that he could read those same phonics books and get marks.

Back the truck up!

I don't want to count pages or anything, but that's just not fair.  A couple shaky voices asking about winning and losing and we figured that a third grade level book would receive multiple boxes checked.

And then O marks his fourth and fifth and all the way to eleven boxes.  This is in a two hour period.  I have created this reading monster, which isn't a bad thing, unless he is flaunting his reading prowess to his brother.

Which he was. 

I clearly have two very competitive boys.  Not only is this about reading, it has become a lesson in controlling emotions and not always being the winner.  Day one, people.  Day one.  So much for Disney's great ideas.  They clearly don't know my children.

I just wanted to encourage (yes, bribe) them to read.

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