Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My (Not So) Perfect Garden

I don't have a fabulous yard.  
Yes, I take pretty pictures of the flowers that look nice, avoiding the ones eaten by bugs or missing petals.

It's only fair that you see the ugly parts of my yard to see that I am a real person, with a brown thumb at points.

My only pea pod vine that had produced two pods turned brown over the weekend while we were away.  Brown as in crispy, not just limp.  Brown.  Gone.
My maple trees.

Sick.  Like chicken pox for trees.  As sad as this is, my neighbors will be relieved and hopeful.  The previous owners planted six maple trees in a row, very close to my neighbors' new addition.  Maple trees aren't great for privacy.  These monsters now drop their many, many leaves in my neighbor's gutter (and my pond), so neither of us would be all that upset if they had to come down.
And my teasel.  Some would say my giant weed.

That it is.  I just never got to the point of pulling it out.  Then I realized what it was.

Weeds are living things, too.

So there you have it.  I have death and sickness and invasive giants in my yard (and green pond water).

And I'm proud of it.

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