Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to Wash an Octopus

I've made forty-seven wool felted purses.  That's almost one for every state!

But with every bag, I learn something new.  A different, better way to accomplish the felting process.  I machine felt the majority of the bag, but there are always some parts that didn't fully felt.  This is usually were I burn the heck out of my hands.
The evil eye...
Wool felts with really hot water and detergent.  Laundry or dish soap is fine, but I'm finding that the dish soap works the best.  I happened to have some rubber gloves in the garage from Sam's birthday tie dye party.  I put them on to protect my hands from the hot water.  But what I discovered, is that the tiny bumps on the gloves were the best felting tool yet.

And it only took me 47 purses to figure it out.

(Special thanks to Tom for taking these amazing photos)

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