Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last Day of School

Today. Today is the day when teachers rejoice and parents cringe.

The last day of school with a summer of "I'm bored" to come.

Hopefully the creativity of this boy will keep him busy. This was our way to wake up this boy, I love how his mind works, even if most of the time it's filled with "boy" things like guns and hurting and pounding and digging and whacking. I definitely was not ready for the boy mentality. So, so different than I was as a kid. Sweet, cute, the one that fell asleep while eating ice cream.

I'm in for a long summer.

And to celebrate (cringe), I'll be posting the Octopus bag on Etsy today. I really love the size and design of it. It took much too long, but holy octopus, batman, it's cool!

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