Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Too Much TV

When I first read this book to my kids, I felt like I was the mom that encouraged crafts and reading and playing outside.

This episode was on the television last week while I was folding THEIR laundry. THEY told me my butt was in the way and they couldn't see the TV.

The threat was uttered. "You want me to take away TV and Computer and Video games for a whole week?"

"No, Mom, No. It's okay, you aren't in the way."

Yes, I use the TV as a time waster, filler, and babysitter. There is nothing I like better than making dinner (I don't like making the dinner, the next part is the best) knowing exactly what the kids are and what they are doing. They are a little young still to play outside unsupervised. Sometimes, their choices aren't the brightest.

So, when this episode was on, I realized that I am Mama Bear. I let them watch and watch and watch.

And watch.

My boys are feeling the end of the year spirit and showing it thoroughly (was that gently put? can you tell they are going berserk on me?). When my mom sent me an email - perhaps she was afraid I'd take it the wrong way - about turning off the TV for them, I knew it was a sign.

Last night for no real reason except it was loud, I declared it 'Guz Unplugged Week'.

Well, I didn't say that, I just made that up right now, good, huh?

I'm trying to abide, but it isn't really working. TV is off when the kids are here and awake. Once I know they are sleeping...on it goes.

Top Chef people.

As the first full day comes to a close, I know I've made a good decision. Wonder what I'll say after the weekend.

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Jeans and a Sweatshirt- said...

i used to have no "screen" (tv or video games) days, 2 days a week...tues and sat. we have decided to do it again this summer...we'll see how it goes this time.