Monday, June 14, 2010

Monkeys and Puppets

There are days when I want to hide in the closet. I've done it before.

There are days when I question every parenting choice I've made since the epidural.

There are days when I envision my life 30 years from now and see myself still making bag lunches.

There are days when I think my boys will never stop fighting.

And then there are days where the creativity takes hold.

Big Boy made a momma monkey and a baby monkey out of boxes. The sides have hands and the back has a tail. Of course the momma monkey is bigger and the baby monkey likes to fit inside the momma so she can carry him around.

I love the days where creativity trumps fighting and TV watching.

And, not to be outdone by his brother getting photos taken of his creativity, Little Man displays the sock puppet he made last Christmas. We took several videos, as well.

It is a SOCK MUST go on the foot.

Creativity rocks.

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