Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Motherload

I've been on eBay lately. I've learned how to limit myself, how to find the listings that aren't seen by most or don't seem as desirable. Misspelling key words is a new tactic that is paying off. Instead of searching for 'doilies', I searched for 'doilys'...ahh, the intricacies of the English language. I spied a lot of 40+ doilies with one photograph. Not much to see, quite a risk. But a risk I was willing to take, for $10 including shipping. There were three 'doilies' that don't fall into vintage, think more 25 cent lace attached to a cheap piece of polyester. That left me with 2 pieces that won't work for my blanquilts, but will work for another project and 39 doilies that I can work with. That was a great risk that paid off.

And why might I need a 40+ piece collection of doilies?

I'm working on a blanquilt...finally figured out a use for those doilies made by relatives stuffed in a box in the bottom drawer of a hutch. This could be good!

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