Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunshine Above the Clouds

Flying on gray, dreary days are the best. The flights to and from Chicago, just a short hour and a half, gave me the sunshine I needed. I had been feeling a little slumpy. My pictures needed some sunlight. Although the sun didn't make it through the clouds here in Buffalo, I stored enough in my mind to get me through January (I hope).

I traveled to Chicago for business (sounds so official) mixed with a bit of pleasure and stayed at Kern Towers (I highly recommend it, ask for the gluten free pancakes and muffins!). It was great to see all my co-workers and friends again, and to have good conversation with people I never really knew. It was as if I had only been gone months, instead of years. We had our annual meeting at this cute little Italian place near the El, where I was fortunate to get a great meal of grilled chicken and veggies and plenty of wine.

Obviously, the boys didn't make the trip (thanks Tom and Mom(s)). I love my boys, but, not hearing the word "Mommy" for two full days and two partial days was invigorating. I missed them, but I could have participated in adult conversation and stories and complaints and gossip and jokes all night long.

Chicago is my most loved city. Living there for six years qualifies it as my second home. The energy in the city is incredible, even on a gray, rainy day in January, enjoying a glass of wine with friends at a tiny little restaurant near the El.

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