Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sharing an Apple is Nice

This is one proud Momma.
Sam brought me a tablet of construction paper instead of a bedtime story book the other night. Then, he wanted to use the Craft-Lite Cutter, an "As Seen On TV" product. We don't have the one he loves to watch on TV, but he pretends that the light bulb is broken on ours. He proceeded to cut a single piece of paper into 20 or so 'schniffles'. Then, decided he wanted to make them into a book.
What? Sam? A book? I don't think I ever jumped out of that deep couch so fast as I did the other night. String binding, glue, shipping tape, staples? Here I am rushing around trying to find the best way to make this book - my kid is being creative!!!
Time out, Carrie, he is 4 1/2 - staples will be just fine.
He came up with the title, TRY TO BE NICE. Heart palpitations, creative AND sweet!!! Who is this kid? He has made all the pictures with a little lettering help from Grandma. It really is adorable. This will be one for the keepsakes box.
And since we are talking about Sam, he enjoys talking on bananas.
After dialing his home phone number, he is often heard saying, "Hello, yes, a tree fell on our car, but we're covered."
Maybe he watches too many commercials...

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