Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Knot Not

Not enough time.
Not enough money.
Not enough space in this house.
Not enough sunshine.
Not a skein of yarn without a knot.
The remainder of the yarn from this project (twin 'A' sweater) is in a knot. Some people hate knots. I love them. It is a puzzle. One that causes frustration and complaints. Once the knot is no more, the joy is great. And the complaining didn't help get the knot untied.
One of my two resolutions for this new year is to (try to) stop complaining. When I hear others complain, it does nothing positive for me. It makes me want to join in the complaint party or shoot myself (not literally). Is this issue that is being complained about so bad that we have to complain to everyone with ears? And then there are those people that never stop. On and on about the same thing. How many times do I really need to hear the same negative comment?
The second resolution is to (try to) stop comparing and interrupting others talking. I tend to always compare a story that happened to me, or a friend of a friends uncles cousin twice removed. Interrupting is rude. I need to stop. Comparing stories is rude, unless requested by the conversationalist (is that the right use of that word?).
I am trying to stop. I want to be a happy person. Not a complainer. A listener. Not an interrupter. I'll balance time better.
I will pass on that TiHo's with double cream and save a little money.
I guess I don't REALLY need another v-neck t-shirt.
If I condense my yarns and put it all in one space, I think I'll have more room.
The sun will come out tomorrow.
Knots are not that bad.
Oh, and feel free to KINDLY point out to me if I break a resolution.

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