Thursday, January 3, 2008

No Nut

Sometimes, the best cure is a donut - or as Little Man says, 'no-nut'.

Something is passing from person to person. This morning, LM woke up with a rash that we think is due to the amoxicillian he is (was) on for his double ear infection. The Doc said the infection is gone, so we will stop the amoxicillian and hope the rash goes away. Tom is sick as well, he has something quite debilitating. Hoping he gets well soon, and that I don't catch that one.

Having a hard time with the lighting in the basement studio...imagine that. The two little windows aren't bringing nearly the right lighting. I played with the camera last night and found some interesting features. Still enjoying the weaving, the clock that is down there, not so much. Maybe that will be the pic tonight...

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