Monday, January 28, 2008

Hanging On

Double socks.

Long underwear.


Two shirts.

Snow Pants.

Times Two.
I was exhausted just getting the boys ready for sledding. Took a good 40 minutes to get us out of the house. I took Little Man down the hill the first time and he seemed to enjoy it. Second time, I kind of forced him to go down. He was done. Big Boy isn't a big fan of the sun. Loves the sunshine, but not in his eyes. He made it three or four times. Then, they both cried on the way to the car, one because he wanted to go home, the other because he wanted to do his own thing.
Loads of fun. Then, once home, we decided to "G-Walk". LM led. We didn't make it too far before he started wishing to be held. Have you ever held a two socked, long under-weared, panted, two shirted, booted, snow panted, gloved, jacketed, hatted, snowy little boy that didn't really know what he wanted?
Hang on, were almost home.

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