Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life Cycle

For over a year, my boys have asked for the Insect Lore Butterfly Habitat. It was usually requested at an overpriced gift shop in a tourist location. I knew the questions would never cease. Happy Birthday, Little Man, here is a bucket of caterpillars.

We discussed the 'letting go' of the butterflies. That first discussion ended in tears. This morning, he was fine with it. Perhaps it takes him time to process. So, we decided it was time. One of the caterpillars was a little slow, about 3 days slower than the others, so he was only in the habitat as a butterfly for 2 days. He was a little freaked out. The other four...flew out so fast not one picture was taken that looked like anything.

This guy slowly walked up the side, stopped at the top for a portrait, then joined 'the big kids'.

We haven't seen them since.

But, the habitat was rinsed and is ready for our next batch of friends.

This is a great hobby/experiment. The boys were constantly checking on their new pets.

I think we've successfully pushed off the cat/dog wants for at least a month.

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