Thursday, July 29, 2010

Into the Woods: Gorge and North Rim Trails

The first climb in the Gorge Trail

Massive Rock

The North Rim Trail began with a zig zag path up the gorge.

And that's when we got tired.

And found some great resting places.

Can you feel the peace?


Jill said...

That picture of Sam on the stump looks like it was taken right out of the pages of The Giving Tree. Did you plan it that way?

Great pictures, looks like fun!

Jill said...

"I don't need very much now,"
said the boy,
"just a quiet place to sit and rest.
I am very tired."
"Well," said the tree,
straightening herself up
as much as she could,
"well, an old stump *is* good
for sitting and resting.
Come, Boy, sit down.
Sit down and rest."

And the boy did.

Carrie G said...

Jill - I said the same thing to him when he chose that spot and arched his back that way. Tom said that the difference is that Sam never took anything from that old stump - so, he is better than the boy.

My all time favorite book.