Thursday, July 1, 2010

The CakeS

Sometimes it's the food.

Sometimes it's the location.

Sometimes it's the decorations.

Sometimes it's the invitations.

But it is NEVER (well, almost never) the CAKE.

I always try to make my kids' birthday cakes. Whatever they want, I try to figure it out. In my next post, I'll add some past cake creations.

Big Boy is in a monkey phase and so he got a monkey head. I know, it kind of looks like a bear. I asked him to get a toy monkey to check where the eyes were and the one he gave me had a nose like a bear. I wish I would have changed it to two nostrils. But, the Bear-Monkey was just fine for BB.

Little Man, well, he wanted a bunny. A pink bunny. Really? Pink?

I bought a strawberry flavored frosting that was pink and used it for the filling. I then added some blue to make the outer frosting purple. Purple is a bit more manly than pink. I'm sure when he gets older, Little Man will tell me I was crazy to allow for a pink/purple bunny. Your wish, baby, your wish.

So, for both cakes, I started with a casserole pan for the large upper piece, using a pound cake mix. A simple round cake was the bottom with a layer of frosting in between. Although I should have cut the casserole size in half for more frosting, it probably held up in the heat better without it. I then chopped two sides (hang onto for later) and cut off more cake to create a rabbit shape.

The sides of the round cake were used for the ears, tail and the head came from the casserole cut. All pieces held on with toothpicks. I was pretty jazzed at the shape at this point.

And the boy? He LOVED it.

Next year, I'm working on my frosting abilities.


Anonymous said...

you rock!!! both fully and completely impressive!!

Jeans and a Sweatshirt- said...

Of course, you make special cakes for the kids...did I expect anything less? NOPE! They are AWESOME!