Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rip Cape

After months (or has it been years?) of making superhero capes out of my blankets and towels, I made "real" capes. My mom gave me this fabric and it's boldness and Christmas-ey-ness has kept it on the shelf.

Until yesterday.

Little Man came to me with a hand towel that he wanted to wear as a cape. Yes a hand towel. A pink one. That is another story, those pink towels.

So, I grabbed my scissors and went downstairs. Thinking that I'd just get him a piece of fabric and staple the Velcro to two corners and call it a day.

If you know me, you know that I rarely do things fast or half assed. Quarter Assed, I tore the fabric. No hems, no measuring, no matching thread. I tore out a rectangle, then clipped 1.5 inches in from each long side and stopped the tearing 2 inches from the top, forming the tie. I then ran a stitch to reinforce the tie (so it didn't tear right off) and made a couple pleats around the neckline for fit.
Then, I had to make one for Big Boy.

Then, I had to make a thumb cape for Big Boy.

Then, I had to make a thumb cape for Little Man.

What? Never seen the need for a thumb cape?

You must not be a "Cool Dude Super Hero".

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