Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dragon Bread

We were invited to a "Mardi Gras-Valentine-Chinese New Year" party a couple weeks ago. Don't judge me on my picture posting delays! I wanted to be creative with bread. This is GLUTEN bread - the frozen kind. I wouldn't waste good expensive gluten free flours on a test.

My mom used to make a teddy bear out of the dough with raisins for belly button and eyes. That was my inspiration for this dragon. It was fun and apparently tasted great. The raisins popped out and got gross and plump (I like a dried raisin. We have some friends that love a plump wet raisin...ewww).

This is the before the oven photo where I used red food coloring mixed with a little water and brushed it on. The green were sugar sprinkles that bled more than I had hoped.

It was fun, though! Looks like I could use some new cookie sheets, right?

And since this is MY blog, I'd be remiss to not include some gluten free love. This is my attempt at Gluten Free Girls post on Olive Rosemary bread. I made it in the crock pot since I was traveling this day and wanted to be able to take it with me to finish baking. It worked out pretty well. I think next time, I'll put it on warm for an hour or so to let the yeast activate, then to high to finish baking.

This is the raw dough...I never got a picture of it baked!

I'm not a huge olive fan. I like them in tacos and on pizza, but that is about where I stop. But I made this and I'm glad that I did. It was great. It was like trying a new bread at a fancy bakery. The gluten eaters seemed to like it, but they were my Mother in Law and Brother in Law, and they may have just been trying to be nice.

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