Monday, March 15, 2010

Freezer Paper Fun

Freezer Paper Rocks! The plastic coating sticks to fabric when ironed. Before you iron it on, draw your design and cut it out. I used big scissors which weren't the best option, but I'm lazy, I had no idea where my cutting knife was.

We all got new t-shirts. I had a hand in all of them (go figure). They started out as Pokemon shirts, but Big Boy and I took a slightly different path. That's how we roll.

The boys shirts have a bit of glow in the dark fabric paint mixed into the gold and green and they glow in the dark. Little Man  told me he wants to live in the dark so that his shirt will always glow. Oh, it will glow, buddy!

And this, well, this is Grimer. Mr. Guz didn't want to do the work, but was very particular about the results. Please note that I did outline the eyes after this picture.

I was on the phone in my bedroom tonight and Mr. Guz came in and looked at his shirt. Took it into the light, looked again. Then returned it to the doorknob where it continues to dry completely. I think he is more excited about his shirt than the little boys.

That makes me happy.

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Anonymous said...

OK so you you started out with Pokemon? Where did the design go? under the new one? These freezer paper design are the coolest but I just don't see how you work your magic... Lisa G.