Friday, March 5, 2010

Plate of Cakes

Devils Food.

Carrie's Food.

I've been craving cupcakes for some time now. I made them happen today.

I'm also attempting to clear out my pantry of baking mixes. I'm moving on people. I'm baking from scratch again. It feels good and I've gained some confidence. Gluten free flours shouldn't be scary. I put them in cute containers, so I'm not afraid anymore.

My plate is from the fabulous VeganDish on Etsy. She was amazing with the shipping, fantastic to work with. I just love this plate. It is my Christmas cookie platter and everyone knows it now. Makes me feel important and special to be Gluten Free - not weird and demanding.

And yes, I did frost the cupcakes in my easy-no-mess frosting process. I heat the frosting in the microwave for 15 seconds or so. Enough to make it smooth, but not hot. Then I scoop into a baggie and clip the corner, and pipe away. Fast and easy and no mess.

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hometown girl said...

how fun! i love cupcakes! enjoy the weekend :) susan