Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby Quilt: The Reveal

My friends Judy and Dave are expecting their first bundle of joy. Since we are pretty close, I asked her if there was something that she would like me to make for her baby. She mentioned a heirloom type blanket or quilt that could be passed down from child to child.

Heirloom...no pressure, right?

My first thought was that in order to have an heirloom be an heirloom, it must start with something that carries meaning and history.

I asked Judy and Dave's sisters to send me something from each of their families that could be added to the quilt. I got a little blue knit outfit that Dave wore as a baby; a scarf worn by Dave's mother; a doily from Judy's mother; and a tatted doily made by Judy's grandmother. Four things that held meaning. A great start to an heirloom.

To add the love of Judy and Dave, I added a block with their hometowns. A tree for making roots and an owl because owls are cool. Some blocks with simple stitch textures added to the dimension of the blanquilt.

As you know I'm quite the procrastinator - this time I had a good reason - but nonetheless, I didn't have a box or bag to put this in and stopped at our grocery store at 11:30 pm. Wow...$6 for a bag? So, I made one. I know, I know...bags are easy, though. And fairly quick.

This was a fun project that I really enjoyed and learned a couple things from, too.

To Judy and Dave...I hope you make many memories with this blanquilt as you wrap your children and your love with it.

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Meredith said...

This is so amazing, nice work. I am sure they will use it forever. You are such a wonderful friend to think of this.