Thursday, November 12, 2009

On the Boardwalk

There is a hidden treasure in Williamsville.

The Boardwalk. I first learned of it when Tom's parents would go there for walks. Flat footing for people with difficulty, yet immersed in the swamp as if you were 20 miles from a road. Until you look the other way and see Hopkins Road. Tom's father used to see Emily the Monkey on this same Boardwalk. I often look for her (and her owner) when I take my boys. I haven't seen Emily, but...
There is a monkey named Sam that brings along...

his little monkey brother Oscar.


  1. Great pictures of the boys, Carrie! Sam's getting so grown up, & I love O's little red cheeks. :o) Where is this boardwalk?

  2. This is at Margaret Louise Park on Hopkins just north of W. Klein. It's a great place to visit every single season as it changes daily. We often see Canada geese on nests in the spring.
    You can get the path at the park entrance or at the corner of W. Klein and Hopkins (if you wanted to ride bikes). You aren't supposed to ride on the boardwalk section, but there is also a big loop through the wooded section behind the big wood structure/play center thing.