Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Going Dark

The camera is ca put.


And you'll be surprised to know that it isn't due to the battery drama.

It fell off the table.

Tom blames me.

I blame him.

The boys blame everyone but themselves.

It was an accident. The lens was open and it landed on the open lens, jamming it into itself in a crooked fashion.

Dun dun done!

When I proceeded to tell Tom my long standing wish of a Digital SLR, he thought I was nuts. Out of the blue, now I want a big camera. How did he not know I'd been dreaming of one for a long time? His mom knows, my parents know. My sister in law knows. Couldn't he see my drool when friends whipped out their fancy cameras? Couldn't he see me eyeing them with complete jealousy. How did he not know? You all probably know, too.

Anyway...I've found the one I would like. Nikon D3000.

I've checked eBay, Amazon, Target (tried it out in store), black Friday ads, buy.com, Ritz camera. You name it, I've researched it. Amazon has the best price at this time, in fact, it just dropped under $500 yesterday.

I can totally justify the purchase. Now I need to convince Tom that not only do I want it for Christmas, but I want it NOW! (just think, no new product shots till Christmas??? No kiddo pictures till Christmas??? no blog pictures??? any help is appreciated! ;))

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