Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cottage Button

An entire year ago, I requested some custom buttons from my pal Lisa at Polka Dot Cottage. Perhaps 'requested' was less than accurate, 'challenged' fits much better.

I like to use magnetic snaps on my purses and since I don't need to line the purses due to their wool density, the back of the snap has to be covered. Usually, I make a couple small swatches of the same yarn to use as a backing to hide the snap. My challenge to Lisa was to create a button big enough to cover the snap. But, the holes have to be on the outer edges, beyond the metal snap.

She did it. She engineered the perfect camouflage.


This little guy (so cute!) will be added to the shop tonight or tomorrow, depending on how I'm digging my first try on product shots with my father's new SLR.

There are three other purses to be added soon, as well.
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Lisa Clarke said...

That is an adorable little purse, and I'm so glad the button worked on it! Looks great :-)